14 thoughts on “Episode One

  1. Awesome !!!! I thought you were going to teach how to do it…darn….lol…what is the first project you talked about supposed to be when you are done? scarf or hat???

    • if you really want to learn I’ll send you some links to the Youtube videos I used. Or maybe not those as they were for knitting left handed, but similar ones.

      the first project is going to be a cowl, it goes around the neck like a scarf, but it’s all one piece so you don’t have to wrap it around, it just goes on and stays.

      And for folks wondering why I’m explaining that, this is my sister and we both grew up in the South. I didn’t know about cowls until I started knitting 🙂

  2. So fun to be in on a podcast from the beginning! Keep on doing this. It is a gift for those of us lonely knitters.

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